Meeting Minutes

 Friends of HPL Meeting 2/16/23
Present: Helen Gallagher, Ellie Davids, Evie Rowe, Jen Mabee, 2 guests
Call to Order: Meeting called to order @ 6pm.
Introduction of Guests: We had two guests (Maureen and Pat) from the Canaan
Library who are hoping to get a Friends group together. We were happy to share
information and answer questions with these ladies and wish them the best in their
Minutes: Minutes from the January 19 meeting were accepted as written.
Financial Report: Beginning balance = $3859.62. Ending balance = $3712.22.
(Dues = +$25 / Purchases = -$172.40)
Library Report: DVD weeding continues. New shelves in DVD room. Two Dungeons
and Dragons groups continue to meet. Sewing continues with a possible new day. Small
decorating changes continue. Book sale taking place during vacation week (2/23-25).
Dr. Seuss Day Sat. 03/04 with book readings and crafts.
Publicity: Helen continues ads in the RTE, as well as sending info for the Somerset
Elementary school. Liz keeps website updated. Lorrie and Nekisha update Facebook.
School Liaison: Liz had some feedback about reading to kids at the school. Most
would like to wait and see… She will try later in year and in the fall.
Book Club: Continues to meet on the last Tuesday of the month. This group has been
meeting by Zoom for the winter months. March may be the last Zoom meeting. Contact
library for current reading list.
Old Business: The changing table and two filters for the air purifier were purchased
totaling $172.40 (We had estimated $200). Upcoming events: Book Sale 02/22 – 02/25,
Plant Sale 05/13, Yard Sale 06/10. The bylaws were looked over by members with one
suggestion made. The proposed change is to remove the phrases “and up to two members-at-large” and “and any members-at-large” from Article V – Executive Board sections 1 and 2 respectively. This will have a vote at the March meeting.
New Business: March is Women’s History Month! Any ideas?
Next Meeting: Our next meeting is Thursday 03/16/2023 at 6pm.

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