Family Gardening Fun
Thursday June 2
@ 4pm
All ages welcome!

We eat plants every day. Have you ever wondered what part of the plant your favorite
foods come from? (Stem? Leaves? Roots? Seeds? Fruits? Flowers?) Join us on June 2nd at
4pm to learn what you are ACTUALLY eating and plant some soon-to-be-snacks to take
home and/or help start our community garden at Hartland Public Library.
Did you know…..
….. a head of broccoli is actually the flowers of the plant?
….. asparagus is a stem?
….. peas are seeds?
….. a bulb of garlic is a clump of leaves?
Come learn more and discover which of your favorite “root veggies” aren’t actually roots
at all! Discussion and activities for all ages.
Sponsored by the Friends of HP

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