Trustees minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Annual Meeting of the Hartland Public Library
January 10, 2019

Present: Wayne Libby, Chairperson; Beth Clark, Secretary; John Clark, Treasurer; Nick Berry, Librarian; Mark Brooks; Elwin Littlefield; Helen Gallagher; Rusty Wilson, Joanne Elwell, and Donna Dyrek. Excused: Helene Libby

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Chairperson Wayne Libby. Mark Brooks was welcomed as a new trustee.

Secretary’s Report: See attached. The secretary’s report was approved as presented. Thank you notes were sent to Evening Star Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, Smokeys Angels Snowmobile Club, Hartland/St. Albans Lions Club and Helen Gallagher for monetary donations. Thank you notes also sent to Adrien Lyon, Loretta Magee and Ken Rackliff for items for crafts and activities.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached. John supplied a print out of all expenditures for 2018 and a proposed budget for 2019. He anticipates that we will need to ask the town for more money to be able to fund this budget. Concern was expressed about how this might be viewed by the town. John has added 3 categories: DVDs, repair and replacement, and professional development. Elwin explained the audit process that covered 10 years. John will be starting the income tax statement. The Library has to file because its income is greater than $5,000.

Librarian’s Report: See attached. Joanne suggested that Nick consider applying for a Dollar General Grant if he wants to give tee shirts to the children in the Summer Reading Program. She is willing to share information about possible grants. Concern was expressed about Nicks ability to lead a Lego group given current responsibilities and possible move to a new building. The issue of having a library sponsored youth group meet when the library is closed and not having a second adult present was discussed. There is concern about possible liability for the librarian and a possible emergency event. The group ranges in age from 14 to 19. Could the 19-year-old be considered a chaperone? The issue of background checks was raised.

Friends of the Library: See attached. The next meeting is on Thursday, January 17 at 6:00 pm at the library. All are welcome to attend.

Committee Reports:
Volunteer Recognition: The event went well. Kathie Clark, Secretary of the Friends, has volunteered to send out invitations this year.

Use of the Community Center: Wayne reported on the meeting with the ITCC. Perceived needs for space for the Library and the ITCC pose some conflicts. A different format will be used for subsequent meetings. The space available is less than what we have now but there is potential to build on. There is a tour of the proposed space with David Pelton from KVCAP on Friday, January 11 at 1:00.

Old Business:
Smoking Policy: Beth checked with Chris Littlefield who said it was fine to post a sign consistent with our policy. Beth approached Healthy SV. Although their grant for signs has run out, they were able to secure one and delivered it to the Library. It was suggested it be attached to the Library sign. Joanne has an extra sign that she is willing to give to the library if needed.

200th Anniversary Committee: Mark reported that the committee has met once and he attended the meeting. Joanne and Nick agreed to represent the library on this committee. Beth will provide them a list of possible activities that were brain stormed by a combination of Friends and BOT.

New Business:
Election of Board Members: The election of Board Members is for a three-year term. The Board has an unusually large number of members whose terms expire this year because people have come on the Board at various times to fill vacant positions. We may want to look at staggering this. It was moved and seconded that we elect our current members. Those re-elected for the term that runs from January 2019 – January 2022 were:
Mark Brooks
John Clark
Joanne Elwell
Helen Gallagher
Kathy Kimball
Helene Libby

Election of Officers: Those currently serving agreed to continue for a year term. Beth Clark shared her desire to pass on her position in 2020. The officers for 2019-2020 are:
Chairperson: Wayne Libby
Secretary: Beth Clark
Treasurer: John Clark

Other: The question of library cards for children from Palmyra was raised. Joanne expressed her feeling that if we want to promote literacy, library cards should be free for all children. The process of reimbursement from Palmyra was discussed. Pittsfield has a rate of $10 for a library card for children who live out of town. This issue will be brought to the April meeting. Coverage for the librarian (illness, meetings, vacations) is an issue as Deanna is working more hours and needs a two-week notice. Nick will check with the State Library for a job description. Joanne offered the name of someone who fills in at Newport and may be willing to do so at Hartland as well.

Next meeting: April 3 at 6:30 pm at the library.

Respectfully Submitted, Beth Clark, Secretary



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