Trustees Minutes: July 2018

Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Hartland Public Library
July 11, 2018

Present: Wayne Libby, Chairperson; Beth Clark, Secretary; John Clark, Treasurer; Nick Berry, Librarian; Helene Libby; Elwin Littlefield; Kathy Kimball; Helen Gallagher; and Donna Dyrek. Excused: Joanne Elwell

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Chairperson Wayne Libby.

Secretary’s Report: See attached. The Secretarys report was approved as presented. Thank you notes were sent to Jessica Manson and Sue Norris for books donated; to Krystal Atwater for donating stamps for the summer reading program, and to Al and Barbara Welch for the presentation on rocks and gems for the SRP. Beth will circulate a handout Joanne sent comparing the roles of Librarian, Board, and Friends.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached. John appealed a bill sent from the IRS in the amount of $3,500+ for failure to file the 2016 990 form (for nonprofits). The appeal was accepted. John has added a budget line for income such as monetary donations, overdue fines, and copying. He plans to present an itemized list of bills paid to the BOT each meeting. John will look into why the electric bill is so high and whether we are getting billed as a business instead of a nonprofit. Elwin asked if the library Board would approve the gift of a weekend get-away for Frank Wiltuck as a thank you for his free services auditing the Librarys accounts. Since the cost off the gift would be well below what the library would have paid for the many hours Frank donated, it was voted to present this gift. Elwin will purchase a gift certificate on behalf of the library. John reported that Lisa Bergman died recently. Her sister Erica will step in and handle the Randlett Scholarship but no family will be available for the presentation which John will do on July 24th at 3:00 pm. Trustees and Friends are welcome to attend. Beth will send a sympathy card to the Randlett family on behalf of the Trustees.

Librarian’s Report: See attached for a detailed report of the busy Library activities. The recent loss of several interlibrary loan books was discussed. The library has had to pay to replace these. The process for backing up library files was reviewed and a recommendation was made to send a certified letter if calls do not result in the return of items. The Sheriffs office can be called but they are not likely to follow through. It was recommended that Nick contact Terry Booth to see if he could do the needed wiring and check exit lights. Elwin will call about the repaired sign.

Friends of the Library: See attached.

Committee Reports:

Librarian’s Evaluation: Has been completed and reviewed.

Grant Applications: John reviews Grant Station each month for grants that might be appropriate for the library. The Friends may consider submitting another MSL grant. This will be discussed at the August Friends meeting and will be reported back at the October Trustee meeting.

Old Business:
Town Bicentennial Celebration: See list of suggested activities in the April meeting minutes. A committee of interested trustees will be appointed at the October meeting.

New Board Members: Mark Brooks was voted in by Trustees. Rusty Wilson has said he would be willing to serve on the Board. It was moved and seconded that we nominate Rusty Wilson to replace Christie Littlefield. The motion passed. Beth will contact Rusty.

New Business:
Library Safety Inspection: A few areas of concern have been identified: outlet caps on electrical outlets, emergency lights, fire drills, evacuation routes posted near doors, no lock box for money. Beth and Nick will review templates of safety audits and work on putting one together for Hartland Library.

Library Inventory: At this time the Library has two handwritten and outdated inventories. Karen McGrady and Beth started one when cleaning out the back room, but Beth would like help completing this task. It was recommended that Beth contact our insurance carrier and determine what is needed. She will do so.

Annual Recognition of Volunteers: It was voted to have the recognition on Saturday, October 13th at 1:00 pm. Beth, Donna and Nick agreed to be on the committee.

Policy Change to address public display of affection: Recently, there were two inappropriate displays of public affection by teens within the library building. Concern was expressed about how this might affect the Library’s image and that the library policy should be consistent with behavior that is expected within the schools. It was moved, seconded, and voted to add “public display of physical affection” to the list of misconduct under the section on Public Behavior on Library Property. One parent of young children complained about the behavior of teens, Including: loud behavior, profanity, cell phone use in the computer area, and “raucous behavior.” Kathy recommended that the library post the list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors as is done in the schools, to make it easier for the librarian to enforce.

Next meeting: The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the library.

Respectfully Submitted, Beth Clark, Secretary