Trustees Minutes: January 2018

Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Hartland Public Library
January 3, 2018

Present: Wayne Libby, Chair of the Board; Beth Clark, Secretary; Elwin Littlefield, Treasurer; Nick Berry, Librarian; Helene Libby; Kathy Kimball; Christy Littlefield; Helen Gallagher; Joanne Elwell, and John Clark Excused: Donna Dyrek Guest: Randy Butler

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Libby at 6:30 pm.

Secretary’s Report: See attached. A concern was raised about a statement that was made in the October minutes where a board member, “mentioned that she had been asked to join the board because she was an active user of the library. She felt that was an important point to consider.” It was noted that dedicated members of the Board have not always been active users of the library. Thank you letters were read from Janet Stedman and Helene Libby. Leaves will be added to the giving tree and acknowledgements sent to Beth Clark, Helen Gallagher and Kathie Clark for $100.00 donations.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached. Elwin is in the process of ensuring that all records are in order before he leaves his position as treasurer. Frank Wiltuck is conducting the library audit pro bono. This will be completed before Elwin retires from the Board. Elwins accountant Pam will be retiring in four months. She has been an enormous asset to the library in helping Elwin. Elwin is actively working on finding a replacement that can do the same high quality of work as he has done as Treasurer over the years. It was noted that few of us are aware of the level of commitment and service that the Littlefields have given over 50 years as trustees. John Clark provided a summary of revenues and expenditures from Amazon sales and store credit from Bull Moose.

Librarian’s Report: See attached. 30 surveys were returned. It was noted that some people from St. Albans are not aware they can obtain HPL cards for free. Helen will put this information in the Rolling Thunder. Concern was expressed about the number of books that were weeded in 2017 (9307) and lack of a collection development plan. Some books have been purchased with Barbieri money. There are suggestions pending for books on organic gardening and bee keeping. Books on crafts and artistic painting were added as suggestions. Joanne will send Nick information about free programs offered by MOFGA. The question was raised about how acquisition decisions are made. Beth will send Nick information from a friend who is a retired librarian. John suggested that Nick use MELIBS (Maine library list serve) to get advice from other librarians.

Friends of the Library: See attached. Discussion surrounded the program on human trafficking with recommendation that the program be held at the library and not in the schools and concern regarding the age of viewers. Board members are welcome at any Friends meeting or program and to become members.

Committee Reports:

Roster of Potential Board Members: Christy Littlefield is resigning at this time. Elwin will continue until a smooth transition is made. Karen McGradys position is open. Randy Butler, Elise and Rusty Wilson, and Mark Brooks are all at least willing to consider joining the Board.

Town Bicentennial Celebration: Little progress has been made in planning. The actual date is in February 2020 but the celebration is likely to be held during the summer. Board members should come to the April meeting ready to discuss the librarys involvement.

Old Business:

Barbieri Donations: The Library has received 31 donations for a total of $1,856.00 in memory of Richard Barbieri. See above.

New Business:

Election of Board Members: Beth Clark and Elwin Littlefield were up for re-election. Both were re-elected. Elwin will continue until a replacement is found for treasurer.

Election of Officers: The current slate of officers was re-elected with each position being voted on individually.

Scheduling of Librarians evaluation: Nicks evaluation is due in April. Board Members are asked to be prepared to contribute to the evaluation.

Other: John would like to apply for a Dollar General Grant to promote literacy at the Somerset Valley Middle School. Support was given for John to go ahead and apply for that grant. Nick asked the Board to consider a bereavement policy. Board members approved the Historical Society request to have a display cabinet in the community room where the old desk currently is and the use of two cabinets at the library.

Next meeting: The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the library.

Respectfully Submitted, Beth Clark, Secretary