Minutes: October 18, 2018

Friends of HPL Minutes

Present: Nick Berry, Beth Clark, Kathie Clark, Ellie Davids, Helen Gallagher, Jen Mabee, Maureen Rekrut, Tim Rowe, Liz Vezina

Call to Order
6:05 pm

Election of Officers
President: Beth Clark; VP: Ellie Davids, Sec.: Kathie Clark; Treas.: Maureen Rekrut; Communications: Helen Gallagher; School Liaison: Liz Vezina
No new nominations offered, proposed officers willing, and members present in agreement, the Secretary cast 1 ballot to elect them.

Minutes from 9/20/18
Approved as read.

Financial Report
Maureen recommends we wait on creating a budget until we’ve established our goals. Keep expenses minimal, but reimburse as needed.
Our fiscal year will be 1/1 through 12/31.
Maureen will send invoices for dues, due each Jan. While she winters “down south,” Beth will funnel income to the Board Treasurer.

Re Hartland School
Nick gave written and oral report. He recommends we form a joint Building Committee with the Board to meet with town officials.
Kathie will be on Committee.
Liz volunteered to research possible joint ventures with the community.

School Liaison
Beth and Liz met 10/16 at St. Albans pre-K – Grade 2 with reading specialist Mary Beth Shank, principal Ellen Suprenant, and @ 15 teachers. Good connections were made and many ideas discussed. See Hartland Public Library Highlights.
Possible ventures: Community Read Day; volunteering; handout, to include library application; visit next spring to encourage participation in SRP; Family Reading Carnival; articles Friends may submit to their monthly newsletter; posts on their bulletin board; table at Open House 2019.

We should note how many hits our website receives.
Flyers for upcoming events.
Liz posts Friends Minutes.
Helen and Ellie will put up flyers for the Ripley, the Christmas Tree Dog event.

The puppet shows are becoming popular; Peace Day was great; Craft Days are enjoyed; Volunteer Recognition Day was good but higher attendance would have been nice.
Michael Rekrut, Himalaya Hikes – June, 2019
Next year, the secretary will email invitations to volunteers to be recognized.

Old Business
Lyme Disease videos – John will present after Nov. elections.
Coffee House in January (?) – Tim will present ideas at 11/15 meeting.

New Business
Student Liaison
Author Kate Flora
Review Mission and Bylaws next meeting-Please read these to prepare.
Melissa Copa, JMG, offers to find a volunteer, or Friends can go to Middle School and Nokomis to find a willing under-classperson.
Visit next spring?

Next Meeting
Thursday, 11/15/18, 6pm
Up-coming Events
Story Hour every Sat. @ 10:30 am
Sat., 10/20: 3-D Masks @ 11 am
Sat., 11/3: author Carol Ouellette and illustrator Fredonna Ladd, 10:30 am Ripley, the Christmas Tree Dog.
Sat., 11/24: wooden Christmas gifts, 11am, Beth and Jeanne Nichols leading.
Most will also have a puppet show.

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