Minutes: October 2022

Friends of HPL Meeting 10/20/2022

Present:  Kathie Clark, Ellie Davids, Tina Hainer, Jen Mabee, Lorrie Sanborn, Evie Rowe, Liz Vezina, Irene White

Call to OrderRefreshments were served from 6 to 6:30pm.  Meeting: 6:30 to 7:35pm.We welcomed Tina Hainer as a new member and Evie Rowe as our new Student Representative.
MinutesAccepted as correctedMisnomers and mis-spellings
Financial ReportBalance $3925.48 Budget was presented and accepted.$122 to Audubon; $25 to Jill Marianacci. On file with Secretary.
Librarian’s Report1158 patrons this summer. Mr. Shawn Tues., 10/25, 4pm. D and D to resume 11/1, 3:30 to 6pm. John Clark, author of Hardscrabble Kids, Wed., 11/16, 4pm. Tim Caverly, author Tales from the Allagash, Dec. date TBDAll are welcome!  
PublicitySee posts on Facebook and website. 
School LiaisonVolunteers are not ready to resume yet. 
Book ClubBanned books instigated good discussion.Contact Lorrie to join. (938-4702)
Old BusinessLoon Talk was excellent and well-attended. Fall Reading Challenge on-going till 12/1. Winter book sale.  Enter to win $50 gift certificate. Date TBD.
New BusinessTina suggested holding a Social Hour Wed. afternoons, beginning in Nov. A changing table for babies would be appreciated.Lorrie and Jen will follow-up.   Purchase approved.  Jen will get one.
Election of OfficersPresident: Jen Mabee Vice President:  Ellie Davids Secretary:  Kathie Clark Treasurer:  Jen Mabee Communications Coordinator: Helen Gallagher School Liaison:  Liz Vezina Student Representative:  Evie Rowe   A single ballot was cast and approved unanimously.   Would you like to participate as Treasurer?  Please contact Jen.
Next MeetingThursday, Nov. 17, 6pm 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Clark, Secretary

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