Minutes: January 18, 2018

Friends of the Hartland Public Library
Meeting Minutes January 18, 2018

Present: Beth Clark, Kathie Clark, John Clark, Helen Gallagher, Tim Rowe, and Jessie Butler. Excused: Liz Vezina; Ellie Davids; and Nick Berry

1. Call to order

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

2. Appreciations
See announcements attached.

3. Minutes from 09/21/2017
No errors or omissions noted. A typo corrected.
Minutes accepted as presented.

4. Financial Report
Addition of one lifetime member, two regular members, and $63.25 from the craft fair,
Current balance: $591.14

5. Publicity
Feedback was that people look forward to and read Helens submissions to the Rolling Thunder. Liz is starting to get the hang of WordPress and making a bit of progress on the web site. She states, “Miles to go, but feeling guardedly optimistic.” Suggestions for bulletin boards included the Winter Olympics, Download Library, and Womens History Month.
Jessie and Nick put together a nice bulletin board highlighting Maine Olympians.

6. Fund Raising
Not discussed as two members had to leave early.
Save items for a yard sale.

7. Library Programs
Laurie Graves is working with Cynthia Lutz and will be doing a presentation for each of the 8th grades at the Somerset Valley Middle School. It was agreed to do a program on Human Trafficking for Womans History Month. Beth and Kathie are going to a program on Human Trafficking at the Bangor Public Library on January 22nd. Jessie discussed her interest in leading a paint night. She will offer two possible designs. Although she is open to all ages, it was suggested that for the first time she might want to limit it to teens and adults to see how it goes. She will charge $5.00 to recoup the cost of supplies and could accommodate up to 20 people. The Clarks and Davids are presenting the travel talk on Alaska on the 26th. Kathie Clark is willing to share her video about the Holy Land. Other ideas in the works include the Galapagos, India and Africa, and Antarctica. We will try to schedule a childrens craft each month during the winter and spring. Tim will help with making rain sticks.
Laurie will let us know the date when that has been firmed up. Kathie will be discussing the trafficking program with the Outlook Club. Beth and Kathie will report back about the Bangor Library event at the next meeting. Beth will share information about Womens History Month with Mr. Leaver.

Travel Talks: Holy Land scheduled for Friday, February 23rd, 3-5 pm.

Childrens Crafts: Valentines for Saturday, February 10 from 11:00-12:00.

Paint Night with Jessie Butler will be Saturday, February 17 from 2-4:00 pm.

8. Recognition
The plan for recognition was revised.
Beth will make contact about this.

9. Old Business
Mural: There is still interest. No further discussion. 200th anniversary: The trustees have been asked to submit ideas at the April meeting. Friends had previously discussed a town-wide read, children dressing as their favorite book characters for a parade, and a year of giving.
Bring any other ideas for Library involvement in the 200th Anniversary to our next meeting.

Delivery to shut-ins postponed until the next meeting.

10. Family Reading Carnival
Ellies e-mail: “Saturday, April 7; 10:30 am – 1 pm. Site is still in negotiation. We’re hoping for the Irving Community Center. Otherwise, Somerset Middle School. We’re working on activity areas. Hoping to have a weather station this year and Stormy, the travelling weather vehicle (Channel 2). Looking for suggestions for children’s authors. As the date gets closer, there will be books to collect and sort, set-up and take-down on the day of the carnival, and helping at activity areas. I’m the lunch lady. So, I’ll be looking for people to make sandwiches and assemble the brown bag lunches.” Nick will have a table to sign up for library cards. There was lots of enthusiasm for helping out from the Friends. We would like to either share table with Nick or have a table next to his depending on how much space we each need. Tim mentioned the Raising Readers Program and the high quality of books.
The names of Lea Wait, Ellen Potter, Matt Alvarez, Toni Buzzeo, and Chris van Dusen were sent as possible author suggestions. Story boards and a hidden window activity to guess the book were presented as possible activities.

John shared information about a Dollar General Grant to support literacy and possibly working with the Somerset Valley Middle School.
Friends were supportive of this idea.

12. Next meeting
Will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the library reading room.

Respectfully submitted, Beth Clark