Minutes: January 17, 2019

Friends of HPL

Minutes of 1/17/19 Meeting

Present: David Barnard, Nick Berry, Beth Clark, John Clark, Kathie Clark, Helen Gallagher, Jen Mabee, Tim Rowe, Irene White

Call to order
6 pm

Minutes of 11/19/18 meeting

Financial Report
Maureen delivered her report by phone from S. C.

Balance: $1615.48
HPL is eligible for Amazon Smile. Maureen will set this up and then email Friends to then choose whether or not to participate with HPL as chosen charity.

Ponder these questions for Feb. 21 meeting: How to authorize spending? Who can spend, and how much, before consulting the group? What amount to keep for “emergency?” Define ”emergency.” How would emergency spending be approved? Given our goals, do we have enough $ to do what we want to do, or will we via fundraising events?

? Library Move
Nick, John, Beth, Helen, Ellie, Mark Brooks, Elwin Littlefield, & Wayne Libby met with Dave Pelton of KVCAP at HCS. Nick reports that expanded space will be available. KVCAP will own; HPL will lease. Dave will soon consult an architect. Building might begin in 2019.

HPL will need to apply for grants.

SN: Tax Incremental Funding may apply.

Mission and Bylaws
Revisions were approved.
Adopted by the Friends 1/17/2019.

School Liaison
Liz has kept in touch from FL via email. Beth, Lynn, and Libby W. plan to volunteer at St. Albans School. Nonie R. will join on Community Reads Day in May. Nick will host a Library Tour for 3 groups of K-grade 2 children from St. ACS &, possibly, 1 from Hartland Christian School.
Feb. is Read to Me Month.

Family Reading Carnival April 6 (?)

We are encouraged to read to/with our little ones 15 min/day. See HPL Facebook page as well as HPL bulletin board.
Friends and HPL will have a table.

Fund Raising
Yard/Book/Plant Sale – Plan for Sat., June 1.

Holiday Fair.  Very successful! Plan to repeat next Dec.

A possible bake sale at next election day.

Lyme Disease videos – John to choose a date in Feb.

Beekeeping Mar. 29 – Samantha will lead, assisted by Beth.

March is Women’s History Month – Perhaps show movie RBG/Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Kids Crafts – March: sock puppets, May: terraria

Fish Biologist Wes Ashe – Marek or Julie can let us know if and when.

Hiking in Nepal –  Michael Rekrut, June or July

We thank you, Helen!

Old Business
Much discussion re Coffee House – Continue next meeting.

MSL grant – David will research this. (He also mentions a home concert, & a blow-up planetarium.)

New Business
St. Albans Summerfest – Beth plans to do Giant Bubbles.

Sewing Group proposed by Patience Bailey – Sounds good!

For next display case: shed antlers – Irene’s friends, David and Emma Ganter

Upcoming Events
Story Hour every Sat., 10:30 am

Kids Craft Jan. 26, Valentines cookies and decorations, 11 am -Beth will lead. Want to help?

Kids Craft Feb. 23, ceramic tile coasters, 11 am – Ditto!

Next Meeting
Thursday, Feb. 21, 6 pm





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