Minutes: February 15, 2018

Friends of the Hartland Public Library
Meeting Minutes February 15, 2018

Present: Beth Clark, Kathie Clark, John Clark, Helen Gallagher, Tim Rowe, and Nick Berry. Excused: Liz Vezina; Ellie Davids; Jessie Butler and Aubre Culver

1. Call to order

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

2. Appreciations
Appreciations go to Liz Vezina for all the time she has spent on the Web site, to Helen Gallagher for continued coverage through the Rolling Thunder and for helping with the snowflake craft, to Kathie Clark for helping with the telescope program and all the mailing tubes for rain sticks, to Ellie Davids for the donation of glue sticks for the craft projects, to John Clark for continued fundraising, and to everyone who gave such good support to the Alaska presentation.

3. Minutes from 01/18/2018
No errors or omissions noted.
Minutes accepted as presented.

4. Financial Report
Addition of $10 from craft table. No money dispersed.
Current balance: $601.14

5. Publicity
We are getting excellent weekly publicity through the Rolling Thunder. Helen has added a reminder that people from St. Albans can get a free library card. Liz has the new web site up and working. Nick received feedback that parents like seeing the pictures from childrens events on the Library Facebook page.
Helen has the information she needs for the next couple of weeks. Liz will continue to update and add new links to the web site.

6. Fund Raising
A dinner and silent auction was previously mentioned as a possible fundraiser. Do we have enough space or cooking facilities at the library? Would members consider a silent auction and dessert night perhaps during the summer? Tim pointed out that fine crafts sell well at such an event. Some auctions for animal shelters include lightly used items. Plan is for a May or June yard sale.
Friends will discuss possible silent auction at the next meeting. Save items for a yard sale.

7. Library Programs
Evaluation: Telescope program, childrens crafts, and Alaska talks all went well. Human Trafficking: Kathie will show the video Not My Life and lead discussion. Barbara Day has expressed an interest in helping. Beth will acquire pamphlets from the Sexual Assault Awareness Coalition. Travel Talks: Ron Dobra is willing to do a travel talks on his hiking experiences. Tentative date for Shelley Lance-Fulk and Jacklyn Amtower to do their presentation on Africa is April 27th. The SRP: theme is Libraries Rock. Nick is arranging for Mrs. Sorensen, a therapy dog, Tim Rowe, and Be Bop. The Science in the Summer program will have the theme Space. The suggestion was made to have someone talk about rock hounding or have kids paint rocks. Al and Barbara Welch were mentioned as possible speakers. Giant bubbles and bubble painting were suggested for the Riverwalk.
Travel Talks: Holy Land scheduled for Friday, February 23rd, 3-5 pm. Human Trafficking: scheduled for March 14, 6-7:30 pm. Ron Dobra: scheduled for March 2 and we will keep May 4 in case of a weather cancellation. For childrens crafts: Beth will do panoramic eggs in March, Tim and Beth will do rain sticks in April, and Jeannie and Frank Nichols will do bird houses and nesting balls for May. Beth is willing to organize the bubbles for the Riverwalk.

8. Annual Meeting
At this point we do not have enough people willing to run for office to have a complete slate of officers.
Beth is willing to continue as acting chair and Kathie is willing to take minutes. Helen will continue as communications officer. We will have an election at a later date.

9. Old Business
Mural: Nick had previously e-mailed two grant possibilities to members: https://www.arts.gov/grants-organizations/art-works/visual-arts. John reminded the group that the library now has Grant Station to help Friends and trustees in writing grants. Kathie had previously mentioned a muralist known to her family. There was some support for keeping the talent local. Family Reading Carnival is Saturday, April 7; 10:30 am – 1 pm at the Somerset Valley Middle School. Nick will have a table with library cards and information about the Friends. Beth suggested a digital microscope activity at the table. Shut-ins: a couple of people have expressed an interest in helping with shut-ins.
Please review these grants for the next meeting. For the Reading Carnival we will have a combined table with library sign ups and a digital microscope. Beth will need electrical connection. Friends who want may take turns at the table. John and Beth will help with book selection. Kathie will help with set-up. We will firm up other involvement at the next meeting. Helen will use the Rolling Thunder to see if anyone knows any shut-ins who would like to have books delivered.

10. New business
John suggested the Friends consider joining the Read-ME program https://mainehumanities.org/read-me/. He is willing to be the coordinator. Reminder to use the volunteer sign-in log that is behind the desk. The number of hours can be used for recognitions and also to demonstrate support for the library. Possible exhibits for the display case were discussed such as rocks, shells, crafts, art work, and dolls.
It was agreed to buy three copies of each Read-ME book. John will order books, book marks and posters. Beth will talk with BJ Frosh about helping with an exhibit of dolls.

11. Next meeting
Will be held on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the library reading room.