Friends announcements

Friends of the Hartland Public Library


Thursday, October 18 at 6:00 pm

Interested in becoming a member? It’s a great way to support the library! Whether already a member or not, we hope you’ll join us at our first Annual Meeting which will include election of officers.


Appreciations go to the following:

Krystal Atwater of Palmyra who generously donated stamps for the summer Pen Pal project.

Lynn Roach and Liz Vezina for helping Nick to reorganize the adult area. Stop in to see how bright, clean, and organized it is!

Kathie Clark for arranging for Al and Barbara Welch to do our first SRP program with their amazing rock collection. The school brought 18 children from their summer program. In total we had 29 children and 9 adult chaperones. Everyone enjoyed the presentation.

Thanks go to Liz and Helen for folding and delivering brochures to the schools. The teachers are excited about the planned programs and said they will be back to other SRP programs with the kids.

Chris Littlefield wrote a very nice welcome letter to the children in Hartland, Wisconsin for the pen pal program and I have given him our thanks. We received our first group of letters from both Hartland and Colorado Springs. Check out our bulletin board.

Irene Snow is keeping the Library’s indoor and outdoor plants healthy and beautiful.

Joanne Elwell arranged for CB Anderson to come to the Newport Cultural Center sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council and with the support of Newport, Pittsfield, and Hartland Libraries.

John Clark was a great help with Butterflies and Bugs. We had 11 children attend.
Continued thanks to Helen and Liz for the wonderful publicity and to Kathie for our minutes.

We have our first supporting member. Welcome to Bobbie Brooks. She will also have our first window decal.

I sent a graduation card and thanks to our student representative Aubre on behalf of the Friends.

Upcoming events:

July 17: ReadME author C. B. Anderson at the Newport Cultural Center at 6:00 pm.
July 19: Hawks in Our Backyard with Marek Plater at 6:30 pm, Library Conference Room
August 4: Newport Riverwalk. We will be making giant bubbles and bubble prints at 10:00 am
August 16: Friends of the Library Meeting, 6:00 pm. Library reading room

The presentation by Sonya Durney, librarian from The University of New England and formerly Portland Public Library, at the Nevola Symposium was excellent. She is going to send her Powerpoint presentation and I will share it at our meeting. One of the things that caught my attention was the STEM backpacks that libraries let families take out including: beach, star gazing, bird watching, and ponds. What about art backpacks? She related how she got seeds from a seed library. Others loan baking tools! I would like to pursue a possible grant again at our next meeting.

Since I did not have the financial report at our last meeting, I thought I’d attach it here. Maureen, do not laugh at my accounting methods!

Financial Report

04/17 – Yard Sale – Income: $50.00 – Balance: $50.00
05/11/17 Author Visit:  Laurie Graves – Payment: $50.00 – Balance: 0
05/03/17 – Yard Sale – Income: $371.75 – Balance: $371.75
06/19/17 – Kick Off Musicians:Fred Pike – Payment: $50.00 – Balance: $321.75
06/17 – Sandwich Board:John Clark – Payment: $158.21 – Balance: $163.54
06/17 – Yard  Sale – Income: $93.00 – Balance: $256.54
Best of Signs – Payment: $48.65 – Balance: $207.89
10/28/17 – Lifetime members  (HG, BC) – Income: $200.00 – Balance: $407.89
11/17 – Lifetime Member  (KC) Income: $100.00 Balance: $507.89
12/2/17 – Craft Fair – Income: $63.25 Balance: $571.14
12/21/17 – Regular memberships (JB, JN) – Income: $20.00 – Balance: $591.14
1/30/18 – Craft Fair – Income: $10.00 – Balance: $601.14
3/05/18 – Paint Night – Jessie Butler – Payment: $28.26 – Balance: $572.88
3/05/18 – Travel Talks – Ron Dobra – Payment: $25.00 – Balance: $547.88
3/04/18 – Refreshment Basket – Dobra Income: $1.00- Balance: $548.88
5/17/18 – Regular Membership (MR) – Income: $10.00 – Balance: $558.88
5/22/18 – Regular membership (IW) – Income: $10.00 – Balance: $568.88
5/22/18 – Yard Sale – Income: $10.00 – Balance: $578.88
5/30/18 – Liz Vezina – web site – Payment: $59.00 – Balance: $519.88
6/02/18 – Yard Sale – Income: $457.30 – Balance: $977.18
6/02/18 – Supporting Membership (BB) – Income: $25.00 – Balance: $1002.16
6/21/18 – Activity box and outlet guards – Payment: $5.00 – Balance: $997.18


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